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Ice Skating Trainer for Kids  

​The WHiZ TRAINER is an ice skating trainer that comes with a harness and can be used by children ages of 2 to 6 years old (based on average size of a child).

The WHiZ TRAINER Features:

  • No assembly required, sleek design, easy to use, portable & folds flat

  • Harness catches child if they fall (empowering not enabling them)

  • Child can stand straight while learning, not inhibiting posture.

  • Made from ABS plastic (like Lego) ( to -50C without getting brittle)

  • Internationally Patented Product

  • Adult teachers can be hands free, therefore allowing them to maintain their balance on the ice and reducing the risk of falls.

  • Product to be used on even or groomed ice rink surface. Hard rubber feet slides easily on ice. Just give the child a push & off they go!


Makes Learning to Ice Skate; Easy, Safe, Fun & Rewarding

The Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness Logo

The WHiZ TRAINER will empower a young child to learn to skate with ease and safety.


With an integrated harness, The WHiZ TRAINER is the ultimate product that can help teach a child to ice skate, safely and with enjoyment. The harness does not enable the child, because it sits just below their seat, it is there to catch them if they fall, therefore empowering the child.


The adult teacher would want to encourage them to stand and not sit in the harness in order to become strong and stable on their ice skates. The WHiZ TRAINER is durable, lightweight, requires no assembly and it is compact; folds down in seconds for ease and portability. It will give a child confidence and reassurance in their skating abilities. It allows the teacher to be hands-free.


The WHiZ TRAINER will revolutionize the skating industry, encouraging more children to get involved at a younger age without inhibiting their posture while they learn to skate.

If the child prefers to use The WHiZ TRAINER without a harness, please be certain to secure the frame from middle of the H to top with a bungee cord or a Velcro strap. This would be to prevent it from collapsing while they are using it, in case they pull up on frame while they are skating.


Note: Bungee or Velcro strap is not included but the harness is included with your WHiZ TRAINER.

A Young Child Wants to Learn to Ice Skate with the Whiz Trainer Icon


Start learning to skate as early as two years old. Our ice skating trainer for kids is suitable for average sized 2-6 year old!

A Child on Ice Skates and a Helmet on With His Hands Up in the Air Icon


A child can learn to skate on their own without an adult holding on to them. The harness will catch the child if he or she falls. Child can stand straight while learning instead of bending

Certificate Badge Icon showing Sucess on Ice


A child will feel empowered and confident that they can skate without falling and without the support from an adult.

Child on Ice Skates Gliding Icon


Reward the child with a certificate when they have achieved a goal of learning to skate without the WHiZ Trainer!

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