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Skate Training Aid


While the Whiz Trainer prioritizes your child's safety as it's number one function, it also gives your child the joy of ice skating, on their own, without the fear of falling down. Traditionally, falling while learning how to skate was inevitable even with other products, and often led children to feel discouraged. With the Whiz Trainer, your child will actually enjoy his or her time on the ice and will want to keep coming back to learn how to ice skate. You will also be less vulnerable to falling. You would encourage the child to stand and move forward and not to sit in the harness. The Whiz Skate Trainer doesn't enable your child it empowers them. You will save money, from not having to put your child in a learn to ice skate type program at this early age. You can even give them a Certificate!

Learn More About the Whiz Trainer

You can find the Whiz Trainer, its accessories, and our services like gift wrapping and rentals, at our Store. To see our skate training aid in action, head over to our Video page where we’ve provided an informational clip along with footage of the Whiz Trainer on the ice. We also have assembly and storage instructions on our Support page.

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