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Skating School in a Box

Start you own small ice skating school/ice skate rink service add on business with as little as a few hundred dollar investment startup. You can host afternoon or morning( This is usually downtime for rink owners, hence you may be able to negotiate a better rink time rate) events such as;
  • Toddler Birthday parties 
  • Parent & Tot programs,
  • Daycare children - Less people needed to bring a group of children to the ice rink without having  one adult per child.
  • ​Skating school. Purchase 5 or more units and you can host a skating school weekly event whereby you encourage the child to stand, glide and move forward. No worries about them falling! see video below.
  • I am working on a platform for you clients to be able to book there event.

Young entrepreneurs maybe able to apply for a grant from a youth enterprise funding agency. 
See our pdf file slide show attached below;
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