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Updated: Feb 18, 2022


Ice skating can be an exciting sport for any child to learn. Benefits aside, it is just a fun way to bond with your family, showing each other tricks you could do on ice, or just glide along side your favorite sibling. As a parent or guardian, you want your children to enjoy this sport as much as you did growing up.

Ice skating is a great sport for encouraging fitness among children, it trains their hand-eye coordination and teaches them balance and stability. In this article, we will be covering all the benefits of Ice Skating for a child and let you decide weather you should start taking your children to learn ice skating.

SPOILER: You may end up taking your child to ice skate after reading this article so buckle up!

As any other parent or guardian, you may be wondering what the right age for a child is to start ice skating? We got you covered!

Ice skating is typically encouraged at the age of 5 but some parents even wait their child to be 10 years old to stare ice skating. This really depends on parents/guardians and their little ones. While the normal age for a child to start ice skating is 5 years old, however, you can now let your child start ice skating as early as 2 years old with the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness, empowering a child to learn to ice skate on their own and give them an early advantage in the sport.

The Whiz Trainer with Harness
The Whiz Trainer with Harness

You may be wondering why you should start teaching your 2-year-old ice skating? The answer is simple, its healthy! All parents want their children to be as healthy as possible, promote a healthy lifestyle with introducing ice skating to your child’s activities. Still not convinced. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Ice Skating for a child.

Benefits of Ice Skating for a Child

Ice Skating is a healthy sport for a child to take on. It is fun yet beneficial to your child. Ice skating teaches a child motivation, commitment, and self-restraint in addition to physical benefits such as balance, hand-eye coordination, stamina, and stability. Some of the benefits of Ice Skating for a child includes, but not limited to:

  • Ice Skating allows a child to concentrate

When on ice, it is extremely important to concentrate on the task at hand, in this case, ice skating. Ice Skating encourages children to concentrate more on their every move to avoid falling, if they do fall, fall with them, and instill lifelong lessons.

  • Ice Skating instills lifelong lessons

Ice skating is a great opportunity for a child to learn lifelong lesson. It is important to show them that falling on ice is okay, as a matter of fact, fall with them and show them that failing or falling is not the end of the world, making kids more confident in what they do later in life.

  • Ice Skating is a great workout for a child

There is nothing harder than convincing a child these days to exercise. Ice Skating provides a great outlet for children to exercise all while having fun. When on ice, a child will have to put all their body weight on their legs to encourage movement, this in return makes their tiny legs stronger and toned. It is encouraged to take a child outside to ice skate for a full workout with fresh air for their little lungs.

While all that may not convince you just yet, but Ice Skating also encourages a child to pursue athleticism. Once a child learns to ice skate (we encourage using the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness to teach a child to ice skate on their own), they will want to explore on their own, allowing them to master the skill of ice skating at a young age, opening new doors for them as they grow older and stronger.

  • Ice Skating boosts mental health

Learning a new skill can be hard. Which is why we made the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness you can give to a child to learn to ice skate on their own. The whole process of learning to ice skate on their own gives children joy! They get a sense of achievement from learning on their own, making them happier and confident – boosting their overall mental health.

  • Ice Skating Improves Self-esteem

Once a child knows how to ice skate, especially if they learned on their own, they would be then be able to enjoy the sport with their friends or siblings, gliding around, doing tricks if they can, boosting self-esteem. To take it a step further, you may give a child the Whiz Trainer certificate (Download Here!) and make them an official Whiz Kid for achieving the skill of learning to Ice Skate on their own using the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness.

Whiz Kid Logo
Whiz Kid Logo

Learning to ice skate is going to give your child the freedom that they deserve, the wind rushing through their hairs as they giggle and laugh their way across the rink. Let your children enjoy the pleasures of ice skating, all while becoming stronger, healthier and more confident than ever.

If you have yet to purchase the Whiz Trainer for a child, then make sure to visit our store and get one now! To empower you, we are offering you an exclusive offer!! Head over to our website using this link to get 10% OFF your first order of the Whiz Trainer!

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