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Updated: Feb 18, 2022


Ice skating is a popular winter sport enjoyed by families all around the world. It is really fun but scary for young children learning to ice skate for the first time. Children are more prone to falling and injuring themselves on ice, causing a great amount of distress among parents and care givers.

Skating Aids help children overcome their fear of falling and to parents, the fear of their child’s safety. In this article, we will look at the different types of Ice-Skating Aids, their popularity, and why our product, the Whiz Trainer ice skating aid with harness should be your go to ice skating trainer for teaching your child to ice skate.

What is an Ice-Skating Trainer?

An ice-skating trainer is an aid used to assist skaters on ice. It is mainly aimed at children beginning their ice-skating journey at a young age. Typically, Skating aids are designed to be used by children ages 5 and above, however, the Whiz Trainer is designed for children ages 2 to 6 years old.

Ice skating lessons can get expensive, especially when winter comes just once a year, you wouldn’t want to pay for expensive ice-skating classes to teach your child to ice skate. All you need is the right ice-skating aid for your child. Let’s take a look at the different types of ice-skating trainers available out there.

Clip-On Trainers:

Clip-On Trainers are great for skaters of all ages learning to Ice skate. These trainers clip on existing skates and allow skaters to be stable on the ice but allowing freedom of movement. Clip-Ons are a great pick if you’re looking for something on a budget. Clip-Ons do require you to keep a constant eye on your child as they may cause a child to fall as they are not the most secure training aids.


Penguins are one of the most popular ice-skating aids. They are easy to find at any ice-skating rinks and are designed in the shape of a penguin that children may enjoy looking at while learning to skate.

Penguin Ice Skating Aid
Penguin Ice Skating Aid

Penguins are flat at the back yet narrow on the sides allowing children to lean forward on its handles and move on ice. It is however heavy in built causing less freedom of movement and turning. It is also only suitable for children ages 5 and above.

Trainer Skates:

Similar to Clip-Ons, Trainer Skates attach to your child’s skates to support in stabilizing them on ice. Trainer Skates also help with balance but still are prone to falls and movement restrictions like turning. We wouldn’t recommend these types of trainers for children younger than 10 years old.

Walker-Like Ice Skating Trainers:

The most popular and our recommended type of ice-skating trainers are the walker-like ice skating trainers. These are exactly what they sound, walker-shaped ice-skating trainers that help children learn to ice skate.

We recommend the Whiz Trainer because it is the ideal solution for teaching a youngster to ice skate securely and enjoyably. It is a walker-style Ice Skating trainer that unlike any other Ice-Skating Trainer comes with a Harness. The wide frame of the trainer helps give your child a lot of space to easily skate around with other skaters, yet keeping a safe distance, a much-needed feature during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness allows the child to always be safe because the harness lies just below the kid's seat, catching them if they fall, protecting and empowering them at all while encouraging good posture due to its design.

Whiz Trainer with Harness
Whiz Trainer with Harness

The Whiz Trainer is long-lasting, lightweight, requires no installation, and folds down in seconds for convenience and mobility. We built this product to empower a child and give them the confidence they need to learn to skate without the fear of falling.

The Whiz Trainer is designed to make learning to skate more enjoyable for everyone. This product will promise to give you and your children the confidence that you deserve to ice skate.

Can I build an Ice-Skating Trainer on my own?

Absolutely you can! However, we don’t recommend it. To build your own Ice-Skating Trainer, you would require a high number of precautions, equipment, and a high budget. It is not cheap to make an ice-skating trainer which is why we recommend purchasing the Whiz Trainer ice skating trainer with harness instead. Let’s explore each component further.


When it comes to building an Ice-Skating Trainer for your child on your own, you must make sure there will be absolutely no room for errors. Even a tiny mistake as small as forgetting to tighten a screw can cause your child grave injury on ice.


For an easy DIY Ice Skating Trainer, you may use PVC Pipes, however, these may not be the best option out there as PVC Pipes are comparably weaker than ABS and Metal Pipes.

We take pride in confirming that the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness is made from ABS pipes, similar to LEGOs, these pipes are much stronger, lasts longer, and can withhold impact if needed.


To build a safe Ice-Skating Aid for your child, you need a high budget to make sure all equipment used are of high quality. This could add an extra financial strain on families with low income, which is why we recommend buying a product just like the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness for your child to ensure a safe Ice-Skating Trainer that will allow your child to independently learn how to ice skate all while having fun!

Finally, we have skated all the way to the end of this article. Teaching a child to ice skate can be challenging, choosing the best type of ice-skating trainer for your child is the first and the most important step in that process. You want your child to have fun, be safe and learn on their own.

The Whiz Trainer does just that. Comparing with other types of ice-skating trainers such as the clip-ons, skate trainers, and penguins, the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer is by far the safest type of aid because of its strong built and a harness to catch a child if they fall.

Building your own Ice Skating Trainer is possible, but is challenging as the safety of your child depends on the overall built of an Ice Skating Trainer, its ability to keep a child from falling determines its safety and as inexperienced builders, parents can unknowingly make mistakes during the process, risking their child’s life.

So, head over to our website with this link and get 10% of your first order. Give your child the gift of learning to ice skate on their own. Empower them with the Whiz Trainer instead of enabling them with other types of ice-skating trainers.

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