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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Trying to find the perfect gift can be very difficult.

There's a lot of people who struggle with finding the perfect present for the perfect occasion but rest assured, this article will list down 6 gift ideas you can use to give your child, friend, or family member who loves Ice Skating, that perfect gift (making you the gift whisperer).

Skate Trainers

Skate Trainers or Ice Skating Trainers are one of the best gifts you can give a child.

There are different types of skating aids to choose from but there's one product that I recommend for young children learning to skate for the first time. The Whiz Trainer Ice Skate Trainer with a Harness.

The Whiz Trainer, is a walker-like Ice Skating Aid that will make a child's dreams of becoming an ice skater a reality. It is the only product out there that can be used by a child as young as 2 years old! It provides good balance, maintaining a healthy straight posture all while ensuring your child's safety on the Ice Rink.

New Skates

If someone you know loves to ice skate then what better gift than a new pair of skates?

The first thing that any ice skater would need is a fresh new pair of ice skates. Trying to find the best pair of ice skates can be very hard because there are different types of Ice Skates out there.

Recreational Ice Skates:

Recreational Ice Skates are for people who enjoy Ice Skating as a hobby. They look similar to figure ice skates however, they do not have the extra protection inside that figure ice skates do.

Jackson Ultima Softec Tri-Grip Recreational Ice Skates
Jackson Ultima Softec Tri-Grip Recreational Ice Skates

If you are planning on getting a child recreational Ice Skates, we suggest getting skates with double blades to maintain good balance through out.

Recreational Ice Skates are one of my personal favorite gifts out there!

Check out this Amazon link to the perfect Recreational Ice Skate for a child learning to Ice Skate for the first time.

Figure Ice Skates:

Figure skating is one of the most popular sports in the world!

If you know someone whose interested in figure skating, get them a pair of figure ice skates.

Figure ice skates are custom made from leather so that the skates are flexible around the person’s ankle.

Jackson Ultima Mystique Men's/Boy's Figure Skate
Jackson Ultima Mystique Men's/Boy's Figure Skate

These skates are designed to help skaters move with ease, jump, spin, and do all the figure skating moves with ease, comfort, and safety.

They are a bit on the pricier side but it’s a gift worth giving! Check out this link for the perfect figure skate!

With a five star rating for its comfort, this figure ice skate is one of the bests out there.

Hockey Ice Skates:

Bauer Vapor Instinct Le Hockey Skates, Junior
Bauer Vapor Instinct Le Hockey Skates, Junior

Ahh Hockey! You can never escape it if you live in Canada. Hockey is Canada’s national winter sport and almost everyone in Canada loves it!

Ice hockey skates are one of the best gifts to give someone who loves hockey or ice skates.

These skates are usually used to play ice hockey and ringette but can be used for recreation as well.

Hockey skates are made of either plastic or leather. The boot of a hockey skate angles your foot forward while the blades and the boot itself match in length, the blades are curved from the front and back for better movements on ice.

Hockey skates strong material also helps players avoid injury from the puck hitting their feet while on ice. Out of all the skates, hockey skates are the most recommended because these skates put your child’s or anyone’s safety first with its strong built.

Follow this link to one of the best hockey blades available in Canadian Tire.

American Girl Doll - Ice Skating Performance Outfit

For a growing little child, their imaginations are their comfort place.

Gwynn’s™ Ice Skating Performance Outfit for 14.5-inch Dolls
Gwynn’s™ Ice Skating Performance Outfit for 14.5-inch Dolls

If your child owns a 14.5 inch doll, and loves ice skating, then this is the perfect gift for them. The American Girl Doll - Ice skating performance outfit comes with:

  • A crushed velvet tie-dye skate dress with a skirt and built-in underwear, plus embroidered cherry blossoms on one shoulder

  • A flower hair clip with a rhinestone center

  • A pair of skate tights

  • A pair of sparkly purple ice skates with real metal blades

  • Two removable skate guards to protect the blades off the ice

It is a fun gift for a child who loves dolls. Children who play with dolls envision themselves in those dolls, an ice skating performance outfit may even intrigue your child to start ice skating (if they do not show interest before).

To get your child this gift, check out American Girl Doll's website through this link.


Anyone who ice skates knows that protective the ice skate blades is extremely important to maintain the health of your ice skates.

Soakers are are a fluffy cloth like material that is placed on the blades while the skater is off the ice, so the blades do not tend to dry out. The moisture helps keep the blades healthy, and avoids rust from forming.

Soakers can be a great gift to help maintain your child’s skates, this is beneficial because it helps keep the longevity of the skates and preserve the skates so they can use it as much as they want. Soakers make for walking with blades off ice a lot easier!

Check out these amazingly cute Soakers from the Figure Skating Store.

Ice skate pendant

You are reading it correctly! And the answer to all your questions is YES! This gift will be both a fashion success and shows your thoughtfulness.

Children love it when parents or guardians show even the littlest interest in what they're interested in, so if you have a child on your hands who loves ice skating, this gift maybe the perfect one for them.

Every time that they look at the pendant, it will remind them of their passion for ice skating. While it can be a great gift on the outside, an ice skating pendant can become extremely thoughtful as well, as it will show your child that you are listening to them, value their passions and are here to help them achieve their dreams.

They are going to love skating around while wearing the pendant as it is also quiet fashion forward, in a sense that it goes with almost every color!

Check out these cool pendants from Walmart.


If your little one is a hockey fan or a figure skating fan, one of the greatest gift for them is a personalized video message from one of their favorite ice skaters.

Cameo is an online service that lets celebrities create personalized videos just for you! Cameo is not only a great gift for a child, it is also an amazing gift for adults, it is probably much appreciated by adults than kids but it is still creates for an amazing experience to a child

Some of the famous names on Cameo includes but not limited to, Tonya Harding (if you love drama), Scott Hamilton, Brandon Carlo, Sean Avery and more!

This is a bit pricey as prices go anywhere between $18 to $100+ Check out Cameo.

While choosing the perfect gift for anyone you love can be extremely stressful, we hope this list of gift ideas gives you an edge among other family members when it comes to gift giving.

If you choose to buy the Whiz Trainer with this link, we will gift wrap your skate trainer for free!

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