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Ice Skating can be super fun if one knows how to balance themselves on ice. Growing up, I was interested in the sport, but it was not something I took seriously. I started Ice skating at 11 years old which is quite old for a child to first start ice skating.

As parents/guardians, you want your child to enjoy the sport of Ice Skating as much as you have growing up. It brings us to the concept of “ice skating lessons”. Look, I learned to Ice Skate on my own, true that I was much older when I started, so what about children who start younger than 10 years old? Can they start young? Should you invest in Ice Skating lessons? In this article, we will cover all these questions and much more!! So, keep reading.

Whiz Trainer with Harness
Whiz Trainer with Harness

As a parent/guardian, you must be wondering, at what age should I start my child Ice Skating? The answer is quite simple actually, if a child can walk, they can glide! You can now start taking your child to rink as young as 2 years old. You must be wondering how a 2-year-old can Ice Skate? Well, with the help of the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness, children as young as 2 can now start Ice Skating! It is quite easy to teach a child to Ice Skate, especially with a product like the Whiz Trainer, you don’t need to invest in Ice Skating lessons for your child.


Choosing the right Ice-Skating learning medium for your child can be an excruciating task on hand, especially when you have a young toddler who just wants to Ice Skate for the fun of it, not knowing the proper etiquette or rules for success on the ice. Lets take a look at what you can do to ensure your child is getting the best support as they take on this journey with you.

Do your research

Just like everything else that involves your child, you must be willing to put in the hours and do A LOT of research about what medium you can choose for your child to learn Ice Skating. Start with a simple google search of “ice skating lessons” or even “ice skating lessons near me” to get an idea on what “learn-to-skate” programs are out there (more on these programs later, keep on reading!).

Pick one medium

When it comes teaching a child to ice skate, there are more than one way to do so. After doing your research, you must then choose one medium. For example, doing research has proven to you that teaching your child to ice skate on your own is the cheaper option, so pick that medium (you in this case), and stick to it.

Stick to it

Children have very short attention spans. Look, I’m not calling your child a cat with 0 attention spans, but it is true, no child will remember a sport if the method of teaching keeps on changing. So, pick your method and stick to it. If you choose to enroll your child for skating lessons, stick to it, be consistent!

Be consistent with your child

Consistency is key when it comes to teaching your child to ice skate. Stick to one medium and consistently let your child go and practice almost everyday if you want your child to become successful in this sport. Your child will thank you for this in the long term!

Weather you choose to enroll your child for the learn-to-skate programs or decide to teach them on your own, we though about shedding some light on the types of learn-to-skate programs out there that you can enroll your child in.



Programs like CANSKATE can be great for your child learning to Ice Skate. The price however, not so great for your pockets! While CANSKATE has the best curriculum in Canada when it comes to teaching a child to ice skate, it can get a bit costly to enrol your child in these programs because it can cost up to $500 per child.

CANSKATE is created for children of all ages and teaches children to Ice Skate for many different reasons such as to learn to figure skate, or play hockey, ringette, speed skate or even skate just for fun!

It can be a great experience for your child but at the end of day, you need to think whether paying up to $500 for a child to learn to ice skate is worth the money. We recommend teaching your child to Ice Skate on your own with the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness.


A Child Figure Skating

The STARSKATE program is cool program that offers children the best figure skating lessons in Canada. If you are looking for your child to be a figure skater, you may want to invest in the STARSKATE programs. There are two different types of programs under the STARSKATE program, the STAR 1-5 and the STAR-6 GOLD.

The STAR 1-5 program is the basics of figure skating, while STAR 6 GOLD is the more advanced section introduced once a child completes the STAR 1-5 program.

The STARSKATE program can cost up to $800 per child and can cause quite a heavy dent on to your wallet. While the STARSKATE program is a great way for your child to learn to figure skate, however, you can show them the basics of Ice Skating with the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness for a lot cheaper. This will give your child the extra confidence needed to pursue figure skating later on if they choose to do so.


The CANPOWERSKATE program is another great learn-to-skate program your child could benefit from.

The CANPOWERSKATE program allows for your child to be in an environment that is filled with high energy and stamina. Your child will learn to master the skill of ice hockey and ringette with the CANPOWERSKATE program.

It must be noted that many top players in the NHL have trusted this program, some of those big names include Nathan MacKinnon and Jeff Skinner.

Jeff Skinner | #53
Jeff Skinner | #53

Again, these program can be extremely costly, which is why we recommend waiting before making such a big investment. While you are waiting, why not look into teaching your child the basics of Ice Skating on your own? Doing so will save you A LOT of money, help your child gain valuable skills, and for you as a parent/guardian to bond with the child.

You must be wondering, how you can teach your child to Ice Skate on your own? Don’t worry parents, I got you covered!

When it comes to teaching your child to Ice Skate, why not teach them to Ice Skate on their own? You can empower your child to learn to Ice Skate on their own by using the Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with a Harness. It is a great start for your child’s Ice-Skating journey, it is complimentary to the learn-to skate programs in a way that your child will not really need to be enrolled in those early classes saving you a fortune! And not to mention, the Whiz Trainer is designed to inhibit good posture on to your child rather than crouching, they may stand up straight while learning to Ice Skate using the it.

So, head over to our website with this link and get 10% of your first order. Give your child the gift of learning to ice skate on their own. Empower them with the Whiz Trainer instead of enabling them with other types of ice-skating trainers.

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