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Ice skating has its own set of rules and principles, and that includes having the knowledge of how to be both emotionally and physically there for your children during their crucial ice-skating training period. Just like any other sport, there are some guidelines that need to be followed when going on the Ice with a child. In this blog, I will shed light on some of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of ice skating with a child.

Dress Code

As a parent it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is well dressed to be ice skating. I know it can be annoying to sit and ponder over the fact that your child will need to dress accordingly, however it does contribute to enabling the confidence that your child will inheritance. Dressing your children accordingly is an also a way to make sure that they are safely practicing their ice skating.

A child (boy) wearing a winter jacket, winter hat, gloves, a scarf and Ice Skates

Do's: Some of the appropriate ways to dress for ice skating is to dress for comfort and safety. Wear thin socks, to avoid blisters and friction make sure that they wear their socks high. Better make sure that your baby cubs are all layered up for those moments when they’re going too fast, they can always be promised a safer fall with layers.

Don'ts: Do not wear anything that would be hanging or flopping around on your kid, like a scarf or a shawl. Do however make them wear gloves as it does a great job protecting your kid from injuries at the same time as making sure they don’t get too cold.

Choosing the right skates

There are only two types of skates, the figure skating style and the hockey style.

Ice Skating Skates

Pro tip: It does not really matter what kind of skates your child has on however, it is remotely easier to skate with figure skating skates.

Do's: The real important aspect of choosing a skate is choosing the right size of skate too. If the skate is big on your child, then their feet will not have the capacity to balance itself correctly with the blade, hence they will fall. So, a major Do is to make sure that your kids skates are tied up right and tight, and are fitted well.

Don'ts: Do not settle. Make sure your kids are not wearing big skates as injury will be guaranteed if the skates doesn't fit.

Invest in Ice Skate Trainers

One thing that we need to remember is that there are multiple tools a child can use to learn how to skate. Invest in Ice Skate Trainers so that your child can learn to ice skate with ease and comfort.

Do's: Get an Ice Skate Trainer that empowers your child to learn to Ice Skate on their own safely, just like the Whiz Trainer Ice Skate Trainer with Harness, the harness is there to protect a child from falling making this product one of the safest and fastest ways a child can learn to Ice Skate on their own!

Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness
Whiz Trainer Ice Skating Trainer with Harness

Don'ts: Do not rush the selection process. As a parent/guardian, it is your responsibility to make sure the child you're teaching the Ice Skate is safe and having a great time. So, only pick out an Ice Skating Aid when you have done your research.

To help with your research, have a look at our article "The Ultimate Guide to Ice Skating Trainers".

Fallen but not broken

As a parent/guardian it is your biggest priority to make sure your children are safe, but sometimes you must let them skate away from the herd, even with the training wheels on.

A Child Fallen Using a Skate Trainer with no Harness
A Child Fallen Using a Skate Trainer with no Harness

Do's: If or when a child falls on Ice, always remember to encourage them to get up, especially when they are just learning how to skate. Laugh with your kids, not at them when they fall because it will not only affect their mental health; but will motivate them to practice consistently.

Don'ts: As mentioned above, do not make the fall a big deal. It will just discourage or even scare a child from learning to Ice Skate ever again.

If your biggest anxiety surrounds around your child falling, then check out the Whiz Trainer Ice Skate Trainer with a Harness, the harness is designed to specifically catch a child from falling!

There is no one perfect way to teach a child ice skating because every child is different, however the only thing that does matter is love and patience in the process. In addition to that, practice makes perfect, so just take a deep breath and relax!

Get a Whiz Trainer and empower your child to learn to Ice Skate on their own, without having you slide them around or have you hurt your back! With our product around your child, they will have the confidence to soar through the ice and make you proud.

Head over to our website with this link and get 10% of your first order. Give your child the gift of learning to ice skate on their own. Empower them with the Whiz Trainer instead of enabling them with other types of ice-skating trainers.

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